Hallands Konstmuseum

19.02.22 – 01.05.22

Curated by Magnus Jensner

We see a boy falling or floating in midair, it might be difficult to determine which. In Tarik Kiswanson’s film The Fall, the prolonged, slow course of events can be perceived as a metaphor for the ambivalence between different states: am I falling or floating? What is it that decides? What circumstances have brought me here and which factors are decisive for the continued course?

The exhibition also includes works from the series Passings, in which Tarik Kiswanson has gathered garments from various places and time periods. By X-ray photographing them in layers, he brings together several different cultural expressions and periods in a new, unexpected configuration. It results in a fabric that blends temporalities while evoking similarities, enabling associations over time and space. Sometimes he even adds a physical imprint by sewing in the pictures with a red thread, thereby marking a presence in the present. The thread, just like the artist himself, moves through time and layers, expanding meanings and possibilities for interpretation by creating interconnections.