Ongoing reflection

Collège des Bernardins

14.10.16 – 18.10.16

Curated by Gaël Charbau

With this exhibition, Kiswanson offers a dialogue that is both visual and conceptual with the Cistercian architecture of Collège des Bernardins, by installing polished metal structures at the heart of the sacristy. Echoing the columns, these slender sculptures fall from the keystones, creating structures among which the spectators can discover the space from a new perspective, by becoming actors in the work themselves, thanks to the multiple games of reflections and points of view induced by the metal mirrored strips.

Kiswanson calls this new series of suspended works “Vestibules” — a term that refers both to the structure of the organ in the inner ear that regulates vision and balance as well as to architectural antechambers — quite literally a space between.